Who are we

our story

“Craft your ideas – transform the future” 

We are transformers, builder, people who want to change the world for the better– not all at once but bit by bit. This is why we found the LAB. A place to bring creativity to life and create new products which reflect our own values. We belief that design is an integral part of our life and can help to create a more sustainable world around us.


Our journey started when we were looking for some new T-Shirts. Strolling around in different shops from Antwerpen to Utrecht or Vienna we always had the feeling that something is missing. A piece that marries modern design with a conscious sustainable lifestyle. But the idea to create something on our own was born on the day we stumbled across an old book. It was one of Saturday’s regular flea markets and we saw an old encyclopedia with wood printings inside. A detailed description of a long-forgotten world – of machines and places that merely exist in museums or movies. We could not resist turning these marvels into something new.


our values

We believe that our products should have a good design, high quality, and be completely sustainable. This requires constant effort.


Sustainability is for us the basis of a good and fair product. So how could we get around and sell something which is different from our own values? This is why we choose to work with Stanley Stella products. Why?


  • Their products are 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified) and recycled material.
  • The supply chain is certified by independent bodies and standards.
  • The Fair Wear Foundation attributed them the “Leader” status in the industry
  • Transparency is key – therefore names and contact details of all suppliers are publicly available.

If you want to know more about Stanley Stella you follow the link here

craft & process

What we did so far:

Print on demand

We do not want to produce huge amounts of clothes in advance – and then miss the right size. This is why each piece is produced after the purchase just for you. Therefore, resources and production costs arise only if you decided for a piece.

Sustainable banking

We did choose a bank that does not invest in fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and weapons but instead in green energy. So, every Cent makes an impact as well.


We decided on sustainable plastic-free packaging in order to save resources.

Where we are working on:


We are working on the transparency of the pricing. Our aim is to show you exactly how the price of a product is made up.