Our Crafters

Welcome to our crafters – the creative minds behind the works you see. These are the people who soak up situations and translate them with detail and creativity into something new. And if you observe our society, you can find inspiration everywhere.



What is our relationship to the animals we put on our plates? Is true craftsmanship still necessary? Or why are we just rushing through life without a pause to beath?


We try to see the world from a critical angle and spice it up with a pinch of humor. Our designs offer an opportunity to think about the world differently – and maybe even bring others to think about it too.


Your mind is also just going bananas with new ideas and you know how to design? We´re always looking for some new crafters to work with so just shoot us a mail.


Crafter Studio Antwan
Studio Antwan

The Utrecht based design studio Antwan consists of Anne Koning and Twan Eshuis.

They are most known for their frame to frame animations in the music and cultural industry.

Studio Antwan did our first artist edition. See their take on Dutch influenced Craftmenship.

Designer Anna Wieser
Anna Wieser

Anna our designer and also mastermind behind the LAB project.
She had stops in different cultures from Spain, UK to Austria or the Netherlands where she draws her inspiration from. She loves craftsmanship and the work of people who use all their senses.

Josephine Zorowka

Josephine is always looking for details in these pixel-landscapes. She has a degree in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Loaded with inspiration and images from Norway she has returned to Innsbruck.